July 9, 2017

I documented this cottage almost 5 years ago.  It sat on a road I travelled on everyday and I hadn't noticed it due to the fact it was completely overgrown in weeds and brambles.  One evening on my route home I had stopped outside the front of the cottage to give right of way to a local herd of cows from the opposite field.   That's when I spotted the chimney.  There was nothing else for it, that night I packed my camera and  took off to fight my way through the  brambles {it was the middle of the summer so these were in full force!}

 I got to the front door which was hanging off it's very hinges, stepped inside and almost hit my head off the low ceiling.  The windows were small and the light inside was low, but I wasn't letting this stop me.  I went into the kitchen which had been trashed by years of vandalism, it was hard to get a photograph in here and make sense of the mess.  What I did find was this blue gentleman's jacket hanging up on the wall, I presume...

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