To my Dear Friend John, with very best wishes Bill. '1948'

Northern Ireland has an abundance of derelict cottages, most have nothing in them but a number retain the personal objects and bits of furniture to give you a sense of who was there before. This cottage didn't look like much from the road side, but once we were inside with the morning light breaking through the windows, our opinions were changed.

A tea tin (with leaves still present) and tea pot waiting for a brew.

This kitchen looked like it had been the heart of the home.

Nature is breaking through and reclaiming everything in it's path.

Sheets of wallpaper peel off the wall to show the textures of paint beneath.

A book on Irish Poetry made out to "To my Dear Friend John with very best wishes, Bill" Dated 28.8.48

A chair full of old and dirty cutlery.

A bedroom dresser, the mirror looks as if it's been freshly cleaned.

The cottage has only one bedroom, complete with bed and dresser.

Some very old bottles from the chemist complete with contents, one bottle reads poison.

After photographing what we've found we leave the cottage as we found it as it awaits it's next visitor.

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