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Abandoned Convent

This abandoned convent/mother and baby home started operating from the 1950s up until the early '80s.

It was partially in use until three years ago. Some buildings have been demolished and I assume the rest will follow soon.

The Abandoned Chapel on the complex could easily be put to use again.

Long corridors lead the way.

Unfortunately, the convent is caught up in an inquiry involving illegal forced adoption of babies from their mothers.

It is reported that up to 7,500 women have the same story to tell from across six of these homes in the North of Ireland alone.

I've been in convents previously that have reported a history of mass graves of unborn children, and we all know the history of these Magdaline laundries. It's just simply horrifying. I'm just so glad in these buildings the walls cannot talk.

The detail on this organ is incredible and I've never come across one just like it.

I suspect the rest of the convent will soon be demolished. Some people on the page have said they thing thats a shame and some like me think it's a good thing. Video to follow.

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