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A house away ahead of its time...

Many houses I've visited over the years have some history, but this one hits high!

In the 1880s Milford house was owned by a local mill industrialist, Robert Garmany McCrum. He was a known inventor and a genius when it came to hydraulics. It is said that he even invented a dishwasher and electric kettle for the house. This must have been the first of its kind. In its heyday, the house was the first in all of Ireland to have electricity. People said it was the most technologically advanced home of its time.

In 1880 it boasted six bathrooms, each had its own jacuzzi and Turkish bath. It was the only residence in Co Armagh to have a proper ballroom, and as if that wasn't enough the dining room had its own waterfall. Imagine that!

William Mcrum, Roberts son was also responsible for creating the penalty kick in football.

From the 1930s-1965 the house also operated as a school which closed in 1988. It has been derelict ever since.

The current owners use the property for community use at present and hope to renovate it in the near future.

The Milford Museum is worth a visit, they have tons of history on the house and the family, which I highly recommend.


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