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Boom Hall

Built in 1779, Boom Hall was named after a wooden boom that was built across the river Foyle by the Jacobean forces, this was to prevent the passing of any ships.

The house appears to have been lived in until the 1920s when it was taken over and used by the Royal Navy. Its been reported that they left the house in a very run down state, which the owner had to claim for damages and make repairs. After doing so it was then sold off in 1947, the house and land were sold separately.

it appears from this point the house started to fall into serious dilapidation and a fire occurred in the 1970s which destroyed the roof and then the house rapidly decayed into what we have today.

Derry City council own the house and plans are in motion for redevelopment 👏

A house like this doesn't come without its own ghost stories 👻

A young girl from England who was a relative of the owners came to stay in the hall because she had attracted some unwanted attention from a young groomsman who was employed at her family home.

The young man followed her to the hall, he hid out in the stables where they would meet up in the middle of the night and continue their love affair! Unfortunately they got caught, the boy fled and the girl was locked to her room.

For weeks she pined for the boy and then one day out of the blue her room broke into flames. Her family rushed to the room but when they opened the door the room was engulfed with flames. Once the fire was put out there was no trace of the girl to be found, no one knows if she escaped and eloped with her lover, or her body was burned and destroyed by the fire.

Several sightings of her ghostly figure would then be seen walking the corridors and grounds, lost and heartbroken.

Have you a ghost story from Boom Hall?


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