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The Cooneen Ghost 👻

This is one of Ireland’s most well known ghost stories. I even remember my granny telling me the story when I was a child! I’d visited before so I thought I’d revisit and do some video for Halloween.

There is just something about this story that I’d love to dig deeper and research, as there’s lots of unanswered questions. If you know any of the history, heard stories or know any existing family get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s what we know:

🎃Mrs Murphy was a widow with 8 children

🎃Her husband died from a ‘freak’ accident (no more info)

🎃The family started to be plagued by Poltergeist activity in the home after fathers death

🎃Knocking on doors and windows with no one visible start

🎃Bedclothes being ripped from the bed as they slept

🎃Plates would lift from the table and smash on the wall

🎃Reports of a small white pig being sited and following the children 👀

🎃Priest was called in and performs two exorcisms, which failed

🎃One of the sons reportedly found a satanic book in the forest which surrounds the house, and became active in witchcraft and satanic rituals

🎃1913 and the family then flee to America on a boat

🎃Poltergeist follows them and rappings and loud noises came from their cabin, the captain threatened to remove family from ship

🎃Activity continues for sometime in their new home but subsides after some time

🎃One of the daughters was so traumatised by the events she spends the rest of her life in a mental institution

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