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The Religious Retreat➕

This religious retreat was built in the early 1800s, it was used for numerous other purposes after this and has lain empty from the 1990s. It has extensive long corridors, large rooms with high ceilings, beautiful three-story staircases, and long basements covering the length and breadth of the building. It's also been heavily vandalised, leaving broken windows and glass sprinkled everywhere, collapsed ceilings, and spongy floors with holes showing what's waiting below. But most of all it holds all the elements a photographer loves, miles of muted colors of peeling paint, large windows letting in streams of natural light and beautiful architectural detailing that reminds us of what the building not so long ago, once was. Now the rooms and halls stand eerily quiet, empty of life - but only for now. There will be a video walkthrough to follow including basements to follow 🎥 You can also find us on Instagram 📸abandoned_ni on facebook 🖥 Abandoned N.I.


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