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The Tyrone County Hospital - Now demolished

Market St, Omagh was originally the location of this hospital in 1796. It was then relocated here in 1899. This facility boasted of state-of-the-art equipment and first-class care.

Unfortunately, it closed in 2017.

This was the hospital that treated the victims of the Omagh bombing on August 15, 1998, killing 29 innocent people and injuring 220 more.

Service has been transferred to the near by Omagh hospital. On the site, a 25 million pound housing development is to be built.

The strip out of the hospital has begun, but some interesting features remain.

A sign like this reminds us of the services provided by the hospital.

The theatre lights are still in place, it looks like this theatre has just recently been vacated. The antiseptic still lingers...

All operations cancelled

The hospital is still, still and listening. These corridors are the oldest and original part of the hospital.

All equipment was tagged for removal.

Theatre 1

At one time it this corridor must have been hectic with doctors and nurses rushing to attend to patients, not in the too distant past.

I find two people lost in the corridors :0

The children's ward adorns brightly coloured walls and animal wall paper.

A connecting corridor leading to more theatres and other wards

A lone bedside lamp with a 'no smoking' reminder. It's hard to believe that people used to smoke in hospitals, even surgeons smoked whilst carrying out operations! Crazy to think.

Side wards

Long and old corridors, the mouldy air fills our lungs.

Water is starting to come in at this section.

The final wait is now over for the hospital with the demolition being completed in the last week. Building work can now start on the new housing development.

Did you ever have a stay or visit in the Tyrone County? I'd love to hear about it.


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