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Religion in the country.

Something I noticed a while ago was the deeper into the countryside that I find an abandoned home they always will be the ones with the religious figurers and symbols. This was one house I came across a few months ago. The only room still accessible was this bedroom, unfortunately it had already been trashed but I thought I would capture what I could of the religious figures.

All that was left in the room was a hospital bed, clothing and religious reminders. All the clothing seemed to be female, I would assume she lived here on her own.

A souvenir from Lourdes side by side with Jesus and the thorns.

A longer view of the room towards a wardrobe with two religious heads and a cross. The lady must have liked to collect handbags as these were a plenty but had been thrown around the room with other belongings.

A closer view of the heads, it's almost like they are looking away in shame at the mess.

Some coats, jumpers and bags on display.

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