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Absent but not forgotten.

It was an early start this Sunday morning. It was one of those mornings where the rain was constant and the clouds were low. The approach to this farm dwelling is up a long and twisty lane, the grass has grown up the middle showing obvious signs of no visitors.

I parked the car and got out and noticed how isolated the farm felt and sounded.

Upon opening the door I was instantly drawn to the radio on the side board.

I could imagine this was often on for entertainment, news and company. Note the Cadburys tin, no plastic here!

I have been told that the stove was a recent addition to the house, previous to this there was a coal fire which covered the entire house contents in soot, even the cups & saucers!

Out to the hall and the telephone seat is still laid out as there has just been a number searched and dialled.

Some old and interesting books, covered in dust and damp coming through the walls.

Most locations have some little surprises, this one caught me off guard. I felt this was very poignant, could it be a message?

Reading glasses and a walking stick on the bedroom dresser.

A suit jacket hangs with a small suitcase at it's feet. Would this have been used for some summer holidays to Jersey?

Spiders try to make their own curtains on the kitchen window. The tea towels still hang as they were the last time they were used.

Scissors, chip basket, potato peeler and a potato masher hang above the cooker. Four of life's essentials!

I've been told that this house has only lay empty for the best part of two years, it's in very good order but is starting to show signs of decay. I felt the house was very quiet and it had that empty of life feeling left behind. It was obvious that there hasn't been any life around here for some time.

I carry on out into the rain onto my next location.

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