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Northern Ireland's most notorious ghost house

When I was young I remember my grandmother talking about a local haunting, one where the family was tormented by a poltergeist by throwing plates, knocking walls and even shaking the children out of their beds. The family emigrated by boat and so did the haunting. It sounded scary to me then, and it still does. Needless to say I've always wanted to visit this house and recently I got the opportunity. The rain was coming down in sheets but I was in the area and determined to go regardless.

Welcome to the Coneen Ghost House. The haunting is reported to have taken place in 1913 where a widow named Bridget Murphy and her 7 children were plagued by this poltergeist. The house is very remote and up until recently was surrounded by forest. I would imagine the walkway up to the house then was very different to what it is now.

I approach the house and walk along what is left of the driveway.

As I get closer I notice the front door is covered over by a cage, as I see the dark windows now I'm wondering what is left inside.

The family reported that they were plagued by footsteps coming from the loft along with raps on the walls, throwing plates across the room and lifting the children's beds while they slept.

The local priest carried out two exorcisms which both failed. After this the family fled and emigrated to America.

Lots of names and dates carved into the wall. The staircase is long gone and makes upstairs into the famous loft impossible. I'm disappointed!

A look up into the loft, this must have been a very small place to house seven children.

More carvings on the walls from visitors from throughout the years. I wonder did any of them share any experiences whilst in the house?

A view from the back of the house, it looks so innocent from here.

It is reported that the poltergeist stayed with the family for a time in America but returned leaving them in peace. I spoke to a local man walking his dog as I was walking back. He said that anyone from the area doesn't go to the house as they see it as a bad omen and a scar on the community.

I will say the house is very remote and surrounded by thick forest, I didn't feel anything on my visit but I was very aware of just how isolated it was. If I was to visit this at night it would most likely be terrifying!

Have you visited the Coneen Ghost House, if you have please share your experiences!

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