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The Nurse and the Nun

I briefly spoke about this house today at my lecture at the National Trust which was part of their Conversation Festival. I highly recommend you visit next year if you haven't been.

This house brought together so many elements I love with abandoned photography - lots of peeling paint and brightly coloured walls along with religious pictures and statues.

I've was told upon visiting the house that was built in the 1940's and it has been abandoned from 1986.

The holy water bottle was empty.

I'm told a nurse came over from London to live with her sister who was a nun. Maybe these were the suitcases she used to travel.

Peeling paint surrounds the stove.

The stair lift lies silent.

More religious symbols line the bedroom fireplace and chest of drawers.

Every wall in the house had a cross, I'm glad I wasn't alone as I would have felt quite uneasy.

A cross and prayer beads still hang on the bed frame.

I leave and make my way to the next house in another corner of rural Ireland.

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