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Paranormal experiences while urbex-ing.

People always ask, "have you ever had any paranormal experiences while urbex-ing?" The answer is yes, I've had a few things that I cannot explain. Every building that I document has a different vibe, some good and some not so good. I believe this is a testament to the people and experiences that occurred in the buildings in the past, good and some bad. As Halloween is approaching I thought I would share some of these experiences, some I have spoken about before.

This glorious mansion was built towards the later end of the 1800's and has a rich and vibrant history. When I win the lotto this will be the house I buy to restore, you're all invited to the house warming. My love for abandoned photography was born in this house and in one of those many visits I experienced something I cannot explain.

At one stage I had my own keys to the property and I had come up to give a friend a tour. We had walked the entire house from top to bottom and had been there maybe 30/40 mins, to the best of my knowledge there was no one else in the house. Nothing remains in the house as it's been stripped, all that is there is walls, rubble and lots of water that's leaking in through the roof.

We were on the ground floor and had walked through the large ballroom, we got to the south door of the ballroom then there was a massive crash behind us. The only way I can describe the noise was as if there had been a metal radiator that had hit the floor with quite some force. We turned around and shone our torch almost expecting to see a person. No-one was there. I shouted out "hello" as I was thinking there had to be someone here. Nothing came back.

Top end of ballroom

We shuffled out the door which brings you into the main hall way to the front entrance. The main staircase has collapsed here and there is lots of rubble. We stood in shock for a few moments, it felt like hours. Through the silence I hear could hear footsteps coming over the rubble towards us along with the swishing of someone's arm on their clothing. At this point it's fight or flight, my only option was flight! We ran down the hallway and out the front door.

Bottom end of ballroom

We stood a few extra minutes at the door trying to process what had just happened and thinking if it were a person they will appear soon behind us realising we are locking the doors. No one appeared.

Was it a ghost, I don't know. What I do know is my friend was a sceptic, but on that day they left with a different opinion, one that they still cannot explain.

This early TB Sanatorium is well known for unexplained happenings, one of which I experienced. On my first visit here we noticed a room which looked like a security hut in the main building. We entered the hospital on the lower levels and walked up the first flight of stairs, we got to the top and I heard women's voices talking in the distance, I asked my friend did they hear that and they said no - I naturally assumed it was a TV and that we must have been close to the security hut.

We walked along the corridors taken pictures of the wards, loud alarms are sounding in this side of the building and it's quite distracting.

We explore the rest of the hospital, even the theatres still retain the smell of antiseptic.

We come back round to where we started and find the room that we thought was the hut, there were TV's but they were smashed up like the rest of the hospital, this is when I question the voices that I heard and realised even if it was a TV how was it running when there is no power to the hospital. I have since spoken to other people on the page and they've informed me of faces that have been seen in windows in photographs. One man contacted me to say that he used to work in the hospital and the maintenance lift used to run up and down itself at night and the doors would be heard sliding open. I do know this is not a place that I would feel comfortable walking around at night. Full video I made of a walk through on a separate visit here

Sometimes I record video in the bigger places I visit, with the intention of posting them (eventually!) The day I visited this ex convent that had been converted into an adventure centre my sister and I had brought an Ipad to film.

We had visited every area in the centre, including the pool and soft play area complete with ball pit!

We got to the area which was the dorms. We checked each room as we walked along, taking photos and filming on the Ipad. They all looked the same with bunk beds in each room. Once we got to the end with the fire escape sign there was one door left to look in. We opened the door and as we opened it we heard a male voice as if he were standing behind us. I asked my sister "what" and she replied "I didn't say that" We were puzzled as to where this voice had come from as we had just been in every room possible with no one visible. I asked her had she been recording and she said yes.

We got into the car and could hear a faint voice but it wasn't very clear. When I got home I uploaded the video to my computer and put in earphones. At 14 seconds before the creek in the door you can hear the male voice. Here is the video, best listened to with earphones.

We can make the voice out saying "you are crazy" What did you hear?

Happy Halloween!

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Video of the TB Sanatorium walk through in case you missed the link above

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