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The People's Friend - 1977

The Famous Story Paper For Women 7p

I find lots of discarded newspapers and magazines along the way, some dating as far back as the 1800's (more on those later!) and I can never resist to take a look through them. I came across a pile of these magazines dating back from the late 70's and I really enjoyed looking at them. The style of the adverts are very different to how we advertise today, not even with the images and text but the content has certainly itself has certainly evolved! I thought I would take some photos and share them with you, do you remember this magazine, maybe you or your mum bought it over the years?

The front cover of The People's Friend - Every Thursday May 28, 1977

The People's Friend - 1977

A Voice Is Calling - a short story about a song holding the key to happiness for a lonely old man which also opened the door for Helen and David's future together! To the left hand side photos "Snap Happy" sent in from the readers all before social media!

A Voice is Calling

The Informal Get-Together. This details a pattern to create your own suit, move over River Island! You can also request the paper pattern to be posted for only 33p!

Awh, an advert for that lovely (ugh!) drink Complan. Is this still made??

High Tea Specials. Some recipes that even Mary Berry would be envious of. Savoury Sausage Ring (;o) Barm Brack, Sprintime Battenburg and Anglesey Pie. Bakeeee!

An old advert for Cadbury's Buttons - still the nations favourite. Some letters to the right from readers, one which reads:

Just the Ticket. A friend of mine, wanting to look her best at a wedding, bought an expensive hat and decided to decorate it with a small spray of flowers which cost 20p. Halfway through the wedding a relative whispered, "The price tag on your hat's showing!" That was bad enough, but on looking at the ticket, she saw it was for 20p! Yes, the price of the flowers..

Cadbury's Buttons

Your Queries. So, before Google we used to write into magazines and get the answers to our most puzzling questions.

Some are:

On what day of the week did October 9, 1915 fall? The day was a Saturday.

A Friend recently bought a house called Shangri-la. Can you tell me what this means? In James Hilton's novel, "Lost Horizon, Shangri-la was a mythical land of eternal youth, situated in the interior of Tibet.

Can you tell me something about Carey Grant, the actor please? Born in Bristol, England he was called Alexander Archibald Leach. His screen name became his legal name in 942 when he became an American Citizen.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this and maybe it brought back some memories for you! Don't forget to comment, like and share on our Facebook page. I do have some more, if you'd like to see them please comment and I'll post them up.

That's me off to Shangri-la!!


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