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Sergeant McQ.

Sergeant McQ.

I learnt about Sergeant McQ this time last year while I was documenting a house that's become known as "Dessie's' At that time we didn't know who he was or how he fitted into the family history. Eventually we found out, but along the way we came across some fascinating historical documentation belonging to him.

One of these items was a letter from the police HQ dated 1903 asking him to detain certain suspects when they came into the Co Armagh district.

There was a description given and some personal details to help him catch the criminals at large! I'm not sure how successful he was given the information provided lol.

One reads: Name: John | Residence Belfast | Date 19:03:03 |Age 35yrs | Make Med | Hair Dark | Eyes Grey | Eyebrows Brown | Nose Short Cocked | Mouth Large | Complexion Sallow | Visage Round | Moustache Light Brown | Occupation Shop Keeper | Loud Whistles when walking|

Zoom into the picture to read more!

To hear more about Sergeant McQ and more I'll be talking about them on the 30th of November at the Portadown Heritage Centre at 7PM, images and artefacts will also be on display. Not to be missed for any hidden history fans!

Tickets only available here:

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