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Prams, bikes and bed pans.

This is one of those houses that you could pass everyday on your daily commute and not notice. It sits on a bad bend on a fast road and because your attention is on the road you don't notice the abandoned house.

From the outside it looks more like a barn than a house. The front door is hanging off and it doesn't look like there could be much left inside. These common assumptions are always wrong and this time they were!

From going in the front door you walk straight into the kitchen with it's brightly coloured walls, stove and sitting chairs. Looks like they've been well worn and they've sat through many a conversation.

Lots of bright colours in this house where it's always 4.3

This is what's called a 'Peep Hole' it let the persons the living room look through the hole to see who was at the front door. I've seen a few of these but one never this shape.

This looks like it's been the master bedroom complete with two bedpans and a suitcase.

There's a record player and a collection of records, now they sit silent in the sitting room.

A cherished photograph.

The dresser.

A long lost letter.


The light was strong that morning which really lit up the downstairs rooms, highlighting the religious figures, family photos, pictures and lots of clothes. Easy to picture this as a busy family home.

Team sports photographs, priests and a Pope.

A communion photograph

A pram and toys.

Out in the outbuildings there was a very unique pram and bicycle, it makes you wonder how many children grew up through the house. These are some of the questions we never find out.

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