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Belgium Trip location #1

I've always wanted to travel to Belgium to do some abandoned photography. So last month I finally made the trip. I set about searching for some locations and caught a 6AM flight from Dublin.

I was slightly nervous about driving on the right side of the road but I knew I had to if I wanted to get to these locations. So I put this aside and got my rental car and loaded up my google maps!

This hospital complex was first on my list and I was there within a few hours of landing. This is a large complex with this part being the only abandoned building. I parked up and made the walk over.

As we got in and walked around each room we found that they were rammed with rubbish, toys and clothes which made it harder to get a good photograph with such chaos.

It also became apparent as we walked round that there were homeless people staying here, with the made up mattresses and empty bottles/food packets, so this put me a little on edge.

Then not to mention the bathroom scene that was set up with the blood splatter! Arghhh.

I walked up a set of stairs to find that the upper floor was in complete darkness so I didn't venture any further up there in fear of possibly bumping into someone and not being able to speak the language either.

We got around each accessible part of the hospital that we could and left soon after to the next location. Thanks to Obsidian Urbex Photography for the tips and pointers.

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