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The Sandhouse

Records in the house suggest it's been empty from 2011 with the last occupier being a gentleman who suffered from dementia. It's a modestly sized three-bedroom and two reception farmhouse with some decent farm sheds which look to have held cattle at one time. There was a sandpit beside the house, which is how it earned it's name.

Unfortunately, someone has broken in and stolen the boiler and trashed the rooms. Though in doing so they uncovered some very old and interesting black and white photographs, which were lying on the floor. One being of the old lady in the windowsill. I'd guess an era of the late 1800s on this and the other three photos also shown. Fascinating!

The wallpaper and paint are in an advanced stage of the peel effect, which is what I just love. It just shows us how quickly the rate of decay can actually happen.

You come in the front door and take a right into the 'good sitting room' complete with piano. Just look at the cracking and peeling paint on that door, lovely! :)

Up close with the piano. I tested it and only a few keys produce sound, not surprising really.

An armchair in the sitting room, including TV.

Before the days of remote controls!

Skip across the hall into the smaller room. Look at the cordless phone on the armchair.

Close up of the fireplace, postcards and an old radio on the mantle.

Twos' company.

The door on the left is into an elderly persons bedroom, door on the right was into the kitchen which was very dark due to a high hedge growing up the back and restricting the light getting in the window.

Old books in the cupboard, covered in damp and mould. One of the titles was 'Treasure Island'

A book with a 'Northern Assurance Company Limited' book mark. How unique!

Some old black and whites, presumably these are old family relatives. I'd love to know each one of their life stories.

I go upstairs for a view into one of the bedrooms. Some mens shirts and ties perfectly preserved, while the wallpaper is falling off around and covering the wardrobe.

Close up into the wardrobe.

Into the last remaining bedroom we see a dresser. Some books and jewellery boxes were in the top drawer, I've set these on top to bring them into view. Another old black and white of a lady was on the floor, I've set this on the windowsill to document.

A closer view.

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