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Abandoned High School

When I was walking around this high school much of it reminded me of my old high school, the long corridors, cold grey stairways, and even old school chalk blackboards, science labs, and those deadly bunsen burners 🧯

This school has been derelict from 2003, 18 years it’s taken for it to get into this state of dereliction. There’s a lot of water getting in and it looks like it has for some time as there are some strange looking fungi growing in parts of the school. A section has been hit by fire.

Much of the school is in darkness, as you’ll see from the video (uploaded to YouTube - link in comments) because much of the upper part of the building has the windows boarded. I never would normally be spooked easily however in this school I kind of was. When we were halfway through the visit we were above the entrance we got in, then I heard someone jumping into the building! Then an old school table was thrown out the window and this made a very loud crash! This did make us pause for a few seconds. It was obvious to anyone coming in that we were there because there’s lots of glass and rubble in the school and we would defiantly have been heard. Then there was some shuffling and movement for a while and all of a sudden it all fell deadly quiet.

At this stage, I had figured that it was possibly someone like us that was coming to photograph, so we continued on. The portions of the building that we had to go through then in the dark were quite unsettling as we didn’t know where the person had gone and for the fact, they didn’t make themselves known to us.

We finished up and had made our way back to the entrance, (where the noise was coming from) this part of the building is pitch black. I had my tripod ready to whack someone should I need to, you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife but I knew we had to go that route or we wouldn’t get out. We got to the entrance and as I was just going through it I could smell fresh cigarette smoke. I didn’t pause but walked on, pretty quickly, we ran into the open courtyard.

Whoever had come into the building was waiting in the darkness for us to leave. Why I don’t know.

People always ask, ‘Do you go alone?” I always say’ no’ and this is one reason why❕

Never go exploring alone.

Full video below 👇

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