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Abandoned Mother and Baby Home.

Mother and baby homes were used throughout Ireland to provide refuge for unwed mothers and their babies. Refuge was not what they got, they received abuse, physical and mental and unimaginable horrors. In most cases their babies were taken and sold without their consent. Some even spent their entire lives in these institutions.

Take a moment to think that its recorded some 56,000 women, some as young as 12 were in these homes all over Ireland and they gave birth to 57,000 babies. I think you'll agree these are shocking stats, and even worse in the last twenty years 9,000 deaths have been recorded in these homes.

The stairs with jump nets. A sobering scene.

This is the entrance to the baby graveyard, where baby shoes have been hung up in memory of all the babies lost.

I'll post a video from here in the coming days.

Please do not ask for the location as this will not be given


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