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Altinaghree Castle

Altinaghree Castle or also known as "Ogilby’s Castle” was built in 1860 by William Ogilby. The castle was constructed with Irish cut stone which was transported by horse and cart from nearby Dungiven. Imagine how long that took!

Once complete it boasted lavish furnishings and it was noted that nothing came close to its style and grandeur, it was famed for its magnificent banquet hall. The castle would have been home to James Ogilby however he fell in love and married a local seamstress who his parents thought was below his station and they did not approve of the marriage.

Eventually they moved away and started a new life in Australia where James became a famous ichthyologist. (a zoologist who studies fish) Also known as Liscloon House the house is first listed in 1888 as being vacant and in 1892 its listed as dilapidated and only worth £5 which would equal aprox £500 of todays money. There is no record of why or how the house became abandoned but a newspaper article of the time suggests that the large up keep of the castle had proved overwhelming.

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