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Annadorn Primary School - Restoration Project

I've visited lots of abandoned schools, many of these are in severe decay and beyond saving. Not this one! It's been well maintained from its closure in 1986.

Amy who owns the building is turning the school into her new home. The original building will be retained and an extension added to the back, she has lots of plans for this place, I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

There was an older school here first that was built in 1810, however, they needed a bigger school to accommodate the community and a larger school was built in 1889 which is what we see today. It only has a single classroom and this was heated by the potbelly stove.

It has been told that the headmistress of the school would cycle to class every morning with her basket full of coal. Oh, how times have changed!

It's also hard to believe that the children would stay in this small classroom for the entire day. It closed in 1986 with the last enrollment of 23 pupils enlisted.

You can hear us from the school yesterday on BBC Radio Foyle📻,

Did you attend Annadorn Primary? We'd love to hear your memories, please comment or DM me 🤩

Is your school abandoned, would you like to see it featured? Get in touch and I'll make a visit 💟

You can follow Amy's restoration journey on Instagram #annadorn.schoolhouse


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