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Ashfield Stores, Dromore Co Down

I was delighted to wake up early one morning with a request to come and document an old shop before demolition the following day. I'm never sure what to expect, but I packed my camera and made tracks, and I was glad I did!

Elaine's three great aunts used to own and work in the shop, and it holds fond memories for her and the wider community.

The shop opened in 1903 and provided everything, from sweets to washing powder, boot polish, clothes, and some general hardware.

Check out the old Inglis & Co. Belfast crate. I believe this was a bakery that made biscuits and cakes. (Correct me if I'm wrong), and I think they're still in operation.

On google searching Arrowroot Oval seems to be a type of biscuit. Let me know if you remember these in the comments on my socials ✌️

When I walked in to the shop, I was drawn to the old racks of shelves, and I was happy to see some old jars and items left from the shop days. I love all the old merchandise packaging and fonts; the designs were beautiful.

I'm not sure what the black liquid was, possible remnants from some old sweets. I didn't try it, that's for sure 🤭

This old ledger is dated 1922. Handwritten on the right are food, measurements, and how much. 2 pcs. Woodbine, 5 lb. butter, 1/2 dozen eggs, 1 lb. sugar, and 2 lb. biscuits all the bare essentials.

A wooden box of bugle tacks This is another brand I have never seen, but look at the box. I was really taken with this and loved the design. So much thought and care were put into things then.

St Bruno Flake, was this pipe tobacco? A box of flints lie beside.

On the counter lie boxes of polish, ink jars and more wooden crates. I escorted back in time seeing the old shop counter and all the packaged history around us.

Here we have a tin of adhesive dressing, Meltonian shoe cream, Iodine, Zoflora disinfectant and some sort of repair kit.

The shop closed in 1989 and has been demolished to make way for building. I asked Elaine if she had any photos from when the shop was operational and she said yes and kindly emailed them in.

Check out below the shop in it's hay day and her Great Aunts doing what they did best!

An advert in the local paper for the shop from 1924.

Can you spot any old brands? I see the original bottles of Lucazade with the plastic wrap, who remembers those 🫣

This is a brilliant photo, look at the beaming smiles behind the old scales.

I'll have a lb of pear drops please 🥰

Gardenlea, was this before the Maine man?

Aren't those old dockets great!

Do you remember the Ashfield stores, let me know in the comments on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you Elaine for asking me along to see Ashfield stores and I'm happy to have documented it before it was knocked down. If you own a property and would like it documented, please get in touch 😎

If you'd like to support me I sell prints from these wonderful time capsules. Here's a link to the shop 🫶


Brian Connolly
Brian Connolly

I hope the old contents at least were saved. They should be in a museum.

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