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At the Bus Stop.

I've seen a few car graveyards in my time with the camera, but never a bus cemetery. I had heard that the vandalism was increasing with these, so I decided to make the trip to document them before they're gone for good.

They are all parked up literally in the middle of nowhere. You'll find every kind of bus you can think of here.

A collection of fire engines is even in the mix.

Each is deteriorating at a different pace.

Some of the vehicles only had 22K on the clock.

With decaying and unwanted vehicles, there is a sense of sadness that is almost tangible, almost evoking the meaning of the word discarded.

The double deckers were even crumbling.

Buses from every part of the country.

"The City Tour Every Seventy Minutes"

Most of the buses appear to have been badly damaged by fire.

It brought back memories of school days and pushing for seats in the back in this style of bus.

All parked up with no where to go.

In total, there are probably 100 buses here, and each and every one of them has been destroyed. It is almost impossible to comprehend acts like these, it just doesn't make sense.


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