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Built by brothers..

This huge mill complex is set on the banks of the river Mourne and was built in 1835. Records show there was an old corn mill previously on the site from as far back as 1640.

The Herdman brothers bought the site and hired leading architectural firm Lanyon, Lynn and Lanyon. (Charles Lanyon, William Henry Lynn and Charles' son, John Lanyon) They designed, extended and upgraded the mill complex into the beautiful Italianate design we can still see remains of today.

The linen industry in Ireland was booming at this time and it was one of the countries leading commodities.

When they were building the mill they also built and laid out the surrounding houses as a model village, many of these buildings that remain today are now listed. The brothers provided schools, places of worship and sports and leisure facilities for their workers.

At its height the mill is said to have had over up to 1500 employees. It has been reported to a local newspaper of the time that they worked up to 70 hours per week!

The mill was considered the 'Rolls Royce of the Linen industry and they produced some of the finest linen in the world for 170 years.

As with all good things the industry came to an end due to competition from China. This effected all Linen mills across Europe.

The mill closed in 2004, it had 600 employees at this time.

The mill was shortlisted to take part in BBC's 'Restoration' TV show, however the mill didn't get enough votes to win. Had it done so it would have been involved in a million pound restoration project.

Soon after the late Strabane euro millions winner, Margaret Loughrey bought the mill with plans to restore it for the use of the community.

Unfortunately to date work has never started on the mill. It has suffered several fires over the years leaving the building now standing as a crumbling burnt out shell and a shadow of its former self.


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