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Castle Saunderson.

Castles are dotted all over the island of Ireland and are a beautiful part of our landscapes, the oldest dated castle to be inhabited is Cahir Castle in Co Cork built in 1035!

This one pictured is Castle Saunderson and it was originally inhabited by the O’Reillys of Breffni and was formally known as Breffni Castle.

Robert Sanderson who fought alongside William of Orange inherited the castle from his father in 1676. Soon after in 1689 the castle was burnt down by James II. It has been noted that in 1689, 400 of King James II’s soldiers were ambushed while on retreat here after the castle was burnt down. They were driven to the Finn river, and many were drowned. The castle was rebuilt in 1840.

In 1977 it was sold by Alexander Saunderson to a businessman. The estate was again sold in 1990 with plans to turn it into a hotel but a fire gutted the castle leaving it beyond repair.

The castle has had its fair share of tragedy, a notable military guest Major Frederick John Sandys Lindesay who was staying in the castle in 1877 mysteriously died with no cause of death given. Two years later a cyclist Barry Maxwell was killed in the grounds.

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