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Did Ireland's answer to Indiana Jones bring home a Poltergeist in 1855?

Normally I wouldn't document a house that was in such a state of ruin unless it had an interesting history, which I think you'll agree with me that this one has! I've known about this house for some years and thought I'd finally visit it and make good use of the drone for some aerial shots.

Seafield house Co Sligo was built in the 1840s by a wealthy landlord named William Phibbs. Williams son Owen was an archaeologist who travelled the world in search of antiquities and rare relics. Some reports state that he had also partaken in grave robbing, which might explain some things!

Original photo of house circa 1850 - image credit National Library of Ireland

In 1855 Owen had been on a tour of Egypt, Syria and the far East. Owen returned with ancient treasures and put them on display in the gallery which they called the museum, as it was full of treasures he had acquired from all over the world. The museum was on the first floor of the house.

Soon after this trip strange activity started in the house. Loud bangs on the walls, ceilings and doors would occur with no rational explanation. Dark figures would be seen by staff and visitors to the house, furniture would be smashed and moved around the house by unseen hands. The family had no choice but to call in the local Jesuit priests. They performed daily mass and exorcisms for weeks to expel the poltergeist but this was not successful. At this point they changed the house name to 'Lisheen House" (Lisheen meaning Little Lis, or fort) The name change was to try to save the reputation of the house.

The activity reached its peak when the entire house shook, the inhabitants said it was that violent they thought it was an earthquake. This was the last night the family and staff spent in the house as they fled and never returned.

No one would return to the house and its contents were cleared and sold off and the roof was removed leaving the house abandoned. Today as you can see the house is completely overgrown with trees.

People say that ghosts and figures can still be seen on site today, Ghost Hunters International also have an episode from the house.

On my visit the only thing roaming around were some very pretty cows🐮 😁


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