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Echoes of Elegance...

Constructed in the early 1800s to replace the original mansion lost during the Irish rebellion, this enigmatic estate has stood abandoned since 2016, and holds tight onto its secrets and mysteries.

Once an open courtyard, this part of the house saw a later addition of a roof. Those stairs 🤤

These reminded me of the Titanic staircase or Loftus Hall in Wexford.

Taken in the generals room. Each wall is adorned with pictures of past Colonols and forgotten war heros.

Look at the detail on the glass in the atrium. Even now in the decay it's beauty is still visible.

Due to several ceiling collapses and water making its way in, nature is slowing reclaiming.

Each room is filled with historic items and past memories, it's so hard to take in as there is just so much.

The bar in the Generals Room.

The house once served as an Irish language school.

The library shelves filled with ancient books.

So must be so much valuable knowledge within those pages.

Crates and crates of un-opened wine.

Animal skins, taxidermy and large animal horns are sprinkled across the mansion.

To see my full explore from here check out the video below.. Be warned, you'll want to buy this one!


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