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From waves to rubble...

It was only in 2020 that this once popular leisure complex closed. As a new state-of-the-art 35M leisure centre was built to replace this and others in the area, meaning it was no longer necessary.

This is a picture of the popular pool when it was still running and below is what it is like now. What a difference! Image credit - Armagh I.

The leisure centre is due to be demolished but recently I've noticed a few articles appearing of people wanting to get it re-opened due to the new leisure centre being over crowded.

It would probably take a big budget to get this project going, given the damage the building has suffered while it has been vacant.

It would be necessary to replace and modernise all the equipment. In the right hands, however, nothing is impossible.

Allegedly it's the last remaining 33M swimming pool in all of Ireland.

It even had a separate learner pool.

There is broken and shattered glass everywhere and I hear lots of crunching as I walk around. The vandals have made a real mess of this one.

There's a petition online to get the pool opened. I'll add the link below should you wish to sign it.

Thank you to ABC council for allowing access to document the site.

Have you memories from the pool?


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