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Grand Abandonment

This abandoned 18th Century Georgian mansion has been vacant for several years. Even though parts of the building are crumbling, the ceilings and arches remain intact and appear to be just as impressive as they would have been in 1790.

Previously, this was a ballroom. Take a look at the ceiling detail, it is a work of art. I stood in silence here for several minutes just admiring the detail.

This stained glass window needs no words! This must have been a unique feature back in the day and still is! The 60-room mansion has served many purposes throughout the years.

The building was constructed sometime in 1790; later additions and conservatories were added in the early 18th century.

Throughout its history, the property has served as a home, a religious institute, then a boarding school and a convent. I find it hard to leave this ballroom with so many interesting details to document, I love it all.

Even from the window, the view of a vast body of water is breathtaking. What would life be like to live in a property like this circa 1800s?

A dining table set up in one of the reception rooms. These fireplaces tower over me.

There is so much to see through each of the doors, I'm not sure what to do first, as I don't want to miss anything!

I've never seen ceiling roses just as big. This is approx 8ft in diameter.

There is quite a bit of water getting into some sections of the property making some floors and wings impassable due to being too dangerous.

I would never tire of these ceilings, they are out of this world even in their decaying state.

Bits of broken furniture are scattered throughout.

Not so long ago there were plans to turn the mansion into an explosive factory, thankfully this was strongly opposed by locals and it didn't come to light.

A single bed which must be from when the mansion was a convent.

The mansion even boasts a dumbwaiter to the right of this door. I've never been in a property that still has one of these and in such good condition.

Wallpaper hangs from the ceiling like icicles.

Notice the gargoyles on the door arches?

This must have been the kitchen/laundry area. Even in the bowels of the house there are still magnificent ceilings and decorative arches.

I believe this was the billiard room. It has a very unique wood ceiling.

I once again pause in awe at the towering fireplaces. This mansion must have been tough to heat in the dead of winter.

I find myself drawn back to the halls to see if there is something I've missed.

A view from the cellar and what must have been a wine rack.

This is an impressive mansion, truly one of a kind and one that I hope is saved before it decays any further.


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