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It always seems impossible until it is done.

It's not often I document a property that's about to undertake full restoration. I was really excited when I was told about this one and its forthcoming plans.

The home was originally built in 1901. It's really stood the test of time to get this far and to still be pretty intact, I'd say that is a testament to who built it. Pure craftsmanship.

Look at the old TV, oh and the patterned wallpaper. I want it all!

The young couple who own the house plan to fully restore it. They want to keep as many of the original features as possible. It's a big task, but I think they're fit for the job!

In every corner of this room, there was something interesting to look at.

Not much is known about the previous owners, though they have left some nice little pieces of history behind to at least try to imagine their lives.

The walls are painted in muted greens, not unlike something from Farrow & Ball.

The sideboard is still fully stocked. Various brands of whiskey, Guinness glasses, and even an old gas Iron.

All sat as they have been for the last 30 years.

This table is all that is left of the kitchen area. I wonder how many meals have been eaten here?

An old tape/radio player, accompanied by more empty cups and glasses. The only use they have now is for spider webs.

This was the main sitting room, maybe the good room for guests? Adorned with religious figures and pictures.

A bike wheel props open the cupboard door while the Pope watches on.

An assortment of glasses, never short for a pint or sherry for a thirsty visitor.

There's always something about the lone chair at the window. Notice again that green paint? ;)

One of the hallways across to the bedrooms.

More holy pictures, religion was prominent in this home.

The fireplaces have so much character and will make nice feature pieces in any room.

The bed is full of framed pictures and a small infant suitcase.

A full view of the room. I just loved the low windows, letting in lots of light.

A handmade patchwork quilt. I'd love to see this framed and on a wall, it's a work of art!

There was time for religion in every corner.

The house had a light warm atmosphere, even in its state of decay.

Even from the back, the house is impressive. I can't wait to see the home when it's finished.

It's so nice to see this home has a bright future, I really can't wait to see its transformation back into a home again.

Watch this space for updates!


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