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Just quaint...

The quaint stone cottage has served a few purposes over the years.

In the past, it served as a home and then as a public house! It is said that the famous Irish poet Francis Ledwidge recited poetry within its walls when it was a pub! Tragically, he was killed in action during World War II in Belgium. There is a museum dedicated to him in his old home.

New owners have big plans for the building and plan to start restoration work soon. An additional section will be built and joined to this one, so the new will be incorporated into the old to make the living space practical and functional.

The interior is rich in traditional charm. Unfortunately, upstairs cannot be accessed at this time.

Architectural designers McMahon & McBennett are working on this exciting project and put me in touch with the new owners. I am delighted to see these projects beginning a new chapter of their lives and I'm so grateful to get the opportunity to document them.

Even though the house has deteriorated, if you look closely, you can still see some interesting features from yesteryear!

Take a look at the banister markings on the stairs.

Also check out the old shutters. Love!

The upper floor has completely collapsed.

Nature always surprises me ;o

There were lots of horse bones around this section of the garden.

There was even a gravestone, but its text was unreadable. I wonder who it was and if they're connected to the house?

Here are the existing plans below.

These are the proposed plans.

I cannot wait to re-visit once the work is completed, I just know it's going to be special!

For all your renovation projects get in touch with McMahon & McBennett. You can PM me for contact details or you'll find them on Facebook or web.

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Wm Paul Robinson
Wm Paul Robinson
16 de jan. de 2022

Clearly lived in and used for several purposes, with the add ons, and expansion. Maybe a Inn or Guest House en route , before the roads changed direction? Incredible preservation, despite the wooden stairs, and floors collapsing. Don't remember this area at all. You have the luck and chance folks find these places, and after keeping them to themselves for donkeys', give in and ask you to document them; How many hundreds or thousands have we lost?! Used to do "Touring in The Trees", in the northern forests, and saw so many disappearing houses, and farm buildings, rapidly being hidden by nature. Thanks for another glimpse into memories of those places I came accross for years, and never thought to…

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