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Last orders have been called 🔕

Nearly two years ago, this well-known bar, located in the historic Bridge Street of Lisburn, closed. The current owners ran the pub for over 30 years and decided it was time to call Last Orders on the bar. The bar was established as the Linfield in 1862.

Listed on maps dating back to 1846, the building is listed as a public house and a shop in 1901. In 1914, there were eight pubs listed on Bridge Street, of which only two are still open today.

The bar still has a warm and welcoming atmosphere despite its emptiness.

A pool and darts tournament was held every week here.

Countless people have walked through this door to start their night out over the years, but did they remember walking out of it ;D

A pint of beer for 48p? Some old brands I've never heard of, have you?

Upstairs, this was the function room. With the tall windows and high ceilings, you can still imagine what it would have looked like in 1914 and how you can think of so many possible uses for this space in the future.

Several football pictures still hang on the walls, hand-painted the proprietor's son.

It was formerly known as Dugan's bar and renamed The Linfield by previous owners.

As more and more local bars close, it is a loss to communities as they bring people together, not just for socializing, but also for sports and other local events.

I was thrilled when Jim and Ann agreed to let me photograph the bar. Not only because it's located in an old part of Lisburn, but also because it's important to document if it's repurposed. Renovations have already been done on many of Bridge street's buildings. What does the future hold for The Linfield?

The bar is currently for sale and interested parties can find the listing on Property Pal.

Do you own a historic or derelict building and would like to see it documented? Please get in touch using the contact links above 👆


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