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Louth Hall

It's quite a few years now since I took this photo, I do remember it being a changeable day weather-wise. Once we located the ruin of the house and had just finished taking our photos, a large rainstorm moved in, as you can see from the black cloud. Yes, we did get drenched! Here's some history:

🏛 The ruins are essentially two buildings, the original Gothic style tower house was built circa 1350, and later the Georgian house addition circa 1760

🏛 Home to the Plunkett family until early 1900s

🏛 St Oliver Plunkett is rumoured to have hidden in the castle from British soldiers

🏛 At one point the estate consisited of 3500 acres

🏛 House was last occupied in 1940

🏛 In the year 2000 vandals set fire to what was remaining of the house leaving it as it is today

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