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Please Make Up Room!

I first visited this Irish coastal hotel in 2016. Then, it wasn't long abandoned and everything was still pretty fresh looking, there was even a fully stocked bar and change on the counter!

Below is the main hallway to the bedrooms. You can see the bedclothes still left out from the maids cleaning the room. Pic one is 2016 and the second pic is 2022.

Below is the main function room, you can see the chairs all neatly stacked and the bar stocked ready for a nights craic.

In 2022 the function floor now has a nice moss carpet feature.

You can see in this image the water damage is starting to appear.

In 2022 it's taken control. The room now looks like it is straight out of the amazon!

Another clean enough room, it just needs a wee clean and tidy up and could be used again. I've stayed in worse Air B&B's 😲

It is incredible how in just six years nature can take reclaim that quickly.

It has been said that George Best was a frequent visitor to the hotel back in the eighties and may even have had shares in it!

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