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Queen of the Shebeen

I had driven past these caves a few times in the past and never really looked into what they were. Recently someone in passing had mentioned a woman in Glenariff living in a cave and I put two and two together, so it warranted another visit.

First, though I did some research and discovered that one of these caves was used in the 18th century as a hedge school. In those days schools were held en masse outdoors and had nearby shelters or sheds and in this case, this cave was used if the weather wasn't favorable. Which was most likely daily 😂

I believe out of the three caves this was the school as there is a plaque beside it.

Just look at that view.

One also was used as a blacksmith's forge.

You can stand upright in the caves until you get to the back when the headspace moves to around 4foot.

The middle one of the caves was lived in by a lady called Ann Murray. It's reported that she moved into the cave when she was in her 50's.

She made her own Poteen and because you couldn't sell alcohol in those times she sold her customers a very expensive glass of water and gave the glass of Poteen for free. Smart girl, eh!

I wonder did she have rooms and was this sectioned off?

This would have been her daily view, looking out onto the beach rain hail, or snow. Just wonderful!

She lived her days out in the cave and died when she reached the grand old age of 100 👵

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