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School, the best day's of your life!

You just didn't realise it. Life then was so simple, home from school in mid afternoon, homework done then head on out with your friends with not a care in the world. I miss that!

With primary school you had all your 'firsts' first days, first friends, first boyfriends/girlfriends, first fights, first detention, first dance. The list goes on. So many firsts and a whole lot of memories. All good, I hope.

This rural primary school reminds me of so many that are in our wee country. They all share similar design and have closed for the same reasons, to move on to newer and bigger buildings.

All the memories will remain with the ex students. I remember my school dinners to this day, the jammy joey cake in custard will never ever be forgotten 😍

This school closed in 2016 and the vandalism has already started.

Was this a music/assembly room?

What looks like the principles office, every primary school kid dreaded being in here. I know I did 🙈

There was always one child asked to go to the corner to calm down. Even me,, once or twice 😅

The art room has received a respray.

Look at the anatomy doll, isn't he cool? Slightly creepy, but I couldn't help but stare back at him in awe.

These primary schools would make fantastic renovated homes, just look at all the light from those windows.

The school had expanded into mobiles however it just wasn't big enough to accommodate the local community.

Is your old school abandoned? Get in touch if you'd like to see it documented using the contact me page.


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