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She lived once, was buried twice.

Records have it that Margorie took ill and died. Her family held a wake for her for two days and it was noted that they tried to remove a very expensive ring that she had for a keepsake. The ring wouldn't come off so they had to leave it.

The funeral took place and Margorie was buried in Shankill Graveyard, she lived in Church place which is only a short walk away. In the 1700s grave robbing was trending so Margories freshly made grave was of great interest. They also tried to remove the valuable ring but as before, it wouldn't come off so a blade was produced and they tried to remove her finger, at this, she woke up from a coma!

Needless to say, the robbers legged it, most likely needing buried themselves out of fright.

Margorie then climbed out of the grave and made her way home, most likely not feeling quite at herself 🙃

That night, her husband John and children were sat at home when they heard the front door knock. John said that if he didn't know better he'd say that was your mother's knock on the door and sure it was, there she was standing waiting to get in. Imagine the faces ;0

I love local legends like this, do you know of any? Comment below or send me a message and I'll cover it next time 🖤

See the face? This is the head stone of a John Clark who 'Dyed March '''' and an Edward Clark who died 1705

Henry Sample who deceased August the 8th 1702 - notice the spelling of deceased?

Know of any interesting or old graves? I'd love to find one with skull and crossbones.

Next time 📸


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