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The dishes had been left to dry for 30 years.

Some houses need an introduction, this isn't one of them. It has that "did they just get up and leave" look and feel to it. Very like something you'd see in an apocalyptic Hollywood blockbuster, where zombies have cleaned up.

There was a paper resting on the sitting room chair dated 1992, also a calendar on the wall with the same year. In the kitchen, the sideboard is complete with pretty patterned cups and saucers. Utensils hang on the wall along with jars of custard, full vinegar bottles, and a towel.

What surprised me most was there were still dishes stacked in the drying rack at the sink, they've waited 30 years, and I'm quite sure they could wait for 30 more. Upstairs the windows are smashed and what's left of the net curtains are billowing in the wind, making the bedroom feel even more lonely than before.

Video walk around uploaded on our Facebook and Youtube channel - Abandoned Ni

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