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The Final Bell...

I've been finding more and more primary and high schools of late that are abandoned and forgotten. I think they are now starting to crop up is because there was an influx of schools that closed 15/20 years ago due to merges with other schools or new builds.

A good friend of mine told me about this one, it was her primary school and she suggested that I should document it as it's becoming pretty badly vandalised, so I struck when the iron was hot and made my way there that very day. I wasn't disappointed!

It was good to see the old traditional blackboard still intact, I wonder how many lessons were written out on this?

The old coat hooks with numbers.

A very old laptop. The school closed in 2008.

When you are under the age of 10 everything seems so big, this primary school would have felt so large to a tiny child.

My friend had many good memories from here. Her two brothers also went to the school and were of similar age. She told me that one morning when they were lining up and one of her brothers got pulled aside by the teacher, not happy with this my friend and the remaining brother jumped to the rescue of their sibling and told the teacher that this behavior was not acceptable! I think detention soon followed ;P

I love the muted colors, reminds me so much of my own primary school which is in a worse state than this.

Pictures of the teachers lying amongst the rubble. Dated 1998-99 and 1991-92. I wonder where they are now?

The cook in the kitchens. My friend told me that she was always so excited to have the dinners. Every single day she would ask, "what are we having today?" and the reply was always the same. "Stew bugs and Potatoes" Lovely ;P

It's been a while since anything has been stewed in this kitchen.

The school seems to be in pretty good structural order. With the fine big windows and large ceilings, this would make a beautiful home renovation.

This mobile almost looks sad?

You can almost hear the children at break time, running around, playing tag and you're it! I always enjoy photographing primary schools, they hold so many good and precious memories for us all.

Is your school abandoned? If you'd like me to document it send me a DM and I'll add it to the page.


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