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The Hidden Village - Northern Ireland

This has to be one of the most scenic locations I've been to. You can see why this was used for filming Game of Thrones, the mountainscape is just stunning and the view of the sea is breathtaking. Waking up in this village every morning to these views must have been something else, I just can't imagine. Although this remote location also brought hardship for the community, this is most likely the cause of why it's been abandoned.

The village is also known as Robbers village, allegedly when the Coast road was being constructed the villagers would come down and rob the workers, it was said they did this as their trade of farming was dying off and they had to resort to extreme measures.

The stone wall leads you into the village. You can just picture a horse and cart going past and people going about their business.

In the 1841 census, it had 60 inhabitants, but by 1941 it had a sharp decrease for only 6 people were recorded living here.

The houses are all made of stone and have one story each, except one.

This is the only two-story in the village, this must-have belonged to the richest family in the village!

It's reported that they even had their own pub. Sounds just perfect ;p

I really liked this one with the tree growing out one half of the cottage, with the other half pretty much unscathed.

Inside one of the homes with the remains of the broad fireplace and chimney. I wonder how many lived in here?

The village had no electric or running water. The water had to be carried into the village.

The last inhabitant was a monk who lived here up until 2013 when he died at the age of 73.

Game of Thrones filmed here and was used as Runestone in seasons 5 and 6.

I'm a massive GoT fan and was just thrilled to see this. Pity Jon Snow had left to go back to the Wall 😍

Just look at that vista, absolutely stunning. It's easy to see from here why this little village didn't survive at the time. It was so cut off from the rest of the world and access routes would have been even harder then than they are now. Besides this, it would be an amazing location to live off grid. If I go missing, this is where you might find me 🖤


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