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The Manse - 1875

On the page, someone contacted me and asked if I could document the magical old manse. I couldn't refuse! It was the home of the girl's great-grandparents many years ago.

Her great grandfather was a minister at the nearby church, and he lived here with his wife and children, one of whom was her grandmother.

Having recently been in the area, she discovered the house was now derelict. We made contact with the local minister and arranged for a visit.

An old farming newspaper from 1970.

As a child, her Granny baked a lot, her specialty was dropped scones. Yum.

Could she have learned this skill here, on this very stove!

There have been several more ministers and families living here, but it has been empty now for some years.

In the manse, not much remains, but there is just enough to imagine it as it once was.

In abandoned homes, the chairs always look as if someone just got up and left the room.

From parishioners to children, this entrance would have seen a lot of traffic.

"Nature never waits for a door to open!"

I really liked this window with the creeping ivy coming in and covering the pink wall. Picture perfect!

This bath is so beautiful, it could be original to the house.

I never normally take photos of toilets, however, this one was so unique with the cast iron cistern - I had to document it!

One of the bedrooms with a beautiful fireplace.

When the house was lived in it had a fabulous garden and the front of the house was covered in Ivy which most has now been removed. The future is unknown for the manse.

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