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The old airbase

This airfield opened and was in use during the second world war.

Planes that flew out of here were responsible for sinking German U-Boats.

It closed after WW2, but reopened shortly after as an RAF training school.

The control tower, once I'm sure a hive of activity.

The inside is stripped bare, except for this electrical control box.

I was thankful the door was jarred open as inside this building was hot hot hot!

Up the stairs to the top, the heat in here is like an oven and I don't want to be no chicken ;D

It's been reported that a commercial airline jet landed here after getting confused with which airport to land to. I imagine there were no claps on that landing ;0

The greenhouse effect here is stifling, time to go.

Walking around feels like you're in a computer game.

Not many of the buildings remain, any that do are empty shells.

Most of these buildings are make-shift modular buildings that have come to the end of their life.

Some old kitchen equipment.

The canteen.

A link corridor with my favorite textured decor ;D

A room with a lone chair. A scene like this always reminds me of interrogation, maybe I've watched too many movies.

Other parts of the airport are in use with other businesses. Even though there isn't much left to see it was still amazing to be able to document this location that has so much history with such big events that shaped our world today.

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Wm Paul Robinson
Wm Paul Robinson
Apr 22, 2021

Pity nobody tried to keep it up after the Ulster Aviation Society left. Also the historical starting point for Martin Baker ejector seats, if I'm not mistaken on the site. Thanks for reminding me of some good days when I was a volunteer with the UAS, and had the honour to meet many vets, and also remember the also defunct museum on one of the old domestic sites further down the road. Bon weekend from an ex Bangorian, now trying to remind the French of their own history.

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