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The School up on the hill...

The school was closed in 1996 but had taught for at least 100 years previously and had initially started as a Sunday School.

I initially visited this school around 10 years ago and was asked if I'd go back for an update, which I did and was glad to see that not much more in the way of deterioration has happened.

At one point the school was run and taught by Mr. and Mrs. Foot, they lived upstairs in the school which, was accessed by stairs in the kitchen.

It underwent a refurbishment and an extra classroom and corridor linking the two were added.

The new classroom was called the 'wee room' and later on it taught P1-P3, in the other classroom the 'big room' they taught the remaining P4-P7 classes.

The Blackboard still remains.

This is the kitchen with the doorway leading upstairs to where Mr. and Mrs. Foot lived.


On the other side of the kitchen, maybe we go to die here? 😂

Just look at those lovely deep windows.

This must have been the living room of the headteachers. I love the character that it still holds. Can you imagine them chatting about their day of work?

That fireplace would be pride and place in any home.

A past pupil remembers getting taught some lessons on the history of the building and how it was built. They were taken to an area of the school which had a hole in the wall, in this, they could see what the bricks and mortar were made of. Which, consisted of a mix of hair, mud, and blood? Allegedly this made it hold together ;0 Who knew!

I'm glad they have signage for this room ;P

Nice wee Buckfast bottle collection going on there 😂

Another beautiful fireplace, but look how close it is against the wall. First time I've seen one so off-center.

If you look closely to the right on the wall you can still see remains of the old patterned wallpaper.

Did you go to school here, have you any stories that you can share? I'd love to hear them. Is your school abandoned and would you like to see it covered on the site? Send me a message 🖤


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