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Twin Brothers

From the outside, this house looked like it might be a complete shell, with one-half of the roof had collapsed. However, we were pleasantly surprised. Once we stepped inside the kitchen we were greeted with the muted colors of fading and peeling paint, old work boots by the stove, and an old whisk on top of the kitchen table, giving signs that perhaps a baker had been to work, some years ago.

This house carries a sad story. It was occupied by twin brothers, some of these signs were evident with leather brogues piled on the staircase and pairs of waistcoats hanging up in the bedroom. One of the brothers passed away leaving the other one alone, and the loss of his brother really affected him. It looks like they liked to travel too with the trunks stacked up in the corner of the bedroom, final destination called.

Two waistcoats hanging on pegs.

Stacks of trunks and suitcases.

A religious corner left in the bedroom.

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