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A wee bit of war...

I recorded a podcast last with with War Time Ni. I have known about their website for some time and have drawn on it for information on properties I've documented that have a history of war! One of which is Lenan Head Fort in Co Donegal. I've spoken about this site before on the page and it has its very own chapter in my book 'Abandoned Ireland'

But, in case you missed it here is a refresh. A link to the Podcast is below.

There are seven forts along the coastline of Donegal and this battery fort was constructed by the British Army in 1895. It stands proudly on a rocky headland at the edge of the Atlantic, protecting a twenty-five mile long stretch of Lough Swilly.

It was initially built to house three guns to protect the shore from a seaborne invasion, but it was refitted with two newer models in 1911, which were operational for the First World War. Subterranean tunnels lead to magazines below each gun.

The fort was handed over to the Irish Army in October 1938 and was manned by them during the Second World War. Through time and the changing political landscape, the base was disarmed and the guns were scrapped in the 1950s. The fort has been left to decay ever since.

To hear more about this location and all other things war and abandoned you can listen to me on the War Time Ni podcast 🎧


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