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Abandoned Cinema..

I've wanted to visit an abandoned cinema for ages and finally got the chance to do so last week! There's just something about being in an old cinema. The empty seats which would have seen crowds of people every weekend to see the latest movie. These seats that would have been sat on for first dates, first movies or first cinema trips.

I can remember my first cinema visit like it was yesterday. I was 12 and went to see the 'Bodyguard' starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner 👏. The only thing I remember different about cinemas then to now is that there was ashtrays in the arms of the seats. One side was a cup holder and the other an ashtray. How times have changed!

This cinema opened in 1994, some movies that were released that year were 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' 'The Crow' 'Naked Gun 33.5' 'The Mask'. Are you old enough to remember these iconic movies?

It showed it's last movie 2013. Some movies released in that year were World War Z, Fast & Furious 6 and Thor.

Old movie posters and stands are scattered around the projection room.

Rocky Balboa, released 2006.

Even the projection reels are still in situ. I take a closer look at the movie reels.

World War Z and Anchorman. Who doesn't love a bit of Brad Pitt 😍

This is the view from where the movie would have been projected from onto the screen. I've always wanted to look through one of these. I'm living out my dreams

'The Big Reel' paper from 1994.

I love all this old movie memorabilia. 'The Pirates' released in 2012.

This one is for all you Treky fans 🛸

The shop kiosk. I'd love to hear from you if you worked here, comments welcome on Facebook and Insta.

I love this mirror as you walk in, can you name the movie stars?

Thankfully the cinema has been saved and repurposing work has already begun in one of the other screens. CleardentalNi have a new state of the art surgery built and will be ready to open soon. Lets have a look ⬇️

ClearPharmacy and ClearDayNursery will be going into the cinemas that I've documented. It's so refreshing to see a forward thinking business repurpose this building and breathe new life back into it for the local community and surrounding areas. Bravo 👏

A nice bright and airy reception. I love the colour scheme used, it's very on trend!

The dentist is due to open May 2023. CleardentalNi - Fountain Hill, Antrim.

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